Who I am / what I do

Concept Artist, 3D, VR, Consultant and Speaker

I discovered that art is not a gift, but work and a passion! Everyone can give life to his ideas with these two elements. Since then, I have worked hard to realize myself, share my knowledge and experiences.

Visual creations: 

Passionate about art and modern techniques, it is with all the tools at disposal (including the most recent) that we will be able to define the realization of your visuals.

The ideas and guidelines of your projects will lead me to propose creations; by mixing the 2D, 3D solutions as well as VR (Virtual Reality). We will develop the images that you do not imagine yet by the solutions dedicated to your needs.

Animations, Interventions in Cultural centers, Schools and Companies:

I like to share all these universes and techniques, that I watch regularly. The website and community, "L'Ascension des Artistes" that I have created participates in this diffusion.

I also propose to communicate on the jobs related to the artistic creations, to popularize the techniques for the concept art and the various processes, in schools and cultural centers.

You can find some of my videos and tutorials on the online platforms.

I would be delighted to put my skills, my experience and my energy at your service.

Who I am :

I come from a highly technical background in the air force and aeronautics. French Air Force on Mirage 2000 N, then Dassault Falcon, Airbus and Boeing technician.

Then, at SNCF, on TGV, I was able to fully manage investment projects in specific tooling, specifications, designs... 

Then, as a method technician, I was able to plan level 2 maintenance, take on innovative projects, and get to grips with issues of health and safety at work, organization, Lean and Operational Excellence...

A few years ago, I didn't know how to draw, but then a French website called Digital Painting. School and I discovered that drawing is not a gift, but a lot of hard work and passion!

From then on, I trained after my full-time job, during nights and weekends, to achieve what I had in mind.

My constant and wide-ranging watch enables me to keep abreast of technologies and the people who make them, so that I can share them with you from now on. Not least through, firstly by "Rise of the Artists" , then with CréaNews, which I launched in March 2023.

I'm now in a position to become a professional in this industry. What's more, I want to share with you everything I've learned from my experiences and technical skills, as well as my human qualities.

Creator of "L'Ascension des Artistes" (Rise of the Artists):

 Website and community. Site and community group (FB and Discord), I share the best websites, software, tips and tricks on digital painting, 3D, VR, watercolor and traditional arts.

"This site is made to gather all the best sites, useful links to allow each one to be Artist even amateur and to create what he wants, or has in head, even to equal its preferred artists."

VR Headset        Graphics Tablet        Adobe Photoshop        Blender 3D         Medium by Adobe        Training VR

I couldn't be there and do all these things without the support of my friends and the artist's community.

I want to thank few of them like Maxime Schilde, Mao Mornity; Stephane Degeilh, Marine Joao; Sev', Martin McGhee, Oliviou Krakus, Spartan and DPS, Mehdi Abdi, Armand Larios, l'Ascension des Artistes; and so many more.... THANKS A LOT, ALL OF YOU!