Finding OLO

mai 2023

OLO is my Companion for CreaNews. It interacts to focus on important information, or to afford some fun in my videos.

I wanted it to be cute and useful.

I Sculpted it into VR (Virtual Reality) using Adobe Medium, exported it into Blender and make some 2D poses I could insert into my videos.

Here is one of the firsts videos, I wasn't very enjoyed by the concept and wanted OLO to be more implicated into CréaNews

Using Stable Diffusion AI to make some iterations, and Photoshop to find my final Concept for my OLO Robot.

Using Adobe Medium to sculpt OLO

Bad idea because Adobe Medium is very cool, I really love this but ... voxels are a nightmare to export into Unity and VRchat.

I didn't have any competence in Unity and retopology , enough time to learn and to make OLO better

Optimization by Cyrille Hurth in Blender 3D and Unity.

What a great job from Cyrille he spent time to make OLO clean , made some Blendshapes and use his skills into Unity to make OLO's animations.

Exportation using Unity and VR Chat companion to use OLO as an Avatar in this metaverse

Finally, I could export OLO into VRChat and embody it for the next CréaNews Videos.

Taking some selfies with OLO Avatar in VRChat using the French Corner Studio ( great job, thanks to the community )

First test of OLO in VRChat with Meta Rift S Headset 

First use of this OLO Avatar in CréaNews

A lot of things learned, explored by its project.

OLO will now be more present, fun, and you could possibly interact with him soon.

Thanks again to Cyrille Hurth for the advices , optimization and patience. Contact him for your projects : Avatars , 3D models, Digital Paintings , Character Design ...

View OLO in Sketchfab (available in VR and AR)